About the EHDI Program

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The EHDI-MS was established in Mississippi by legislation passed in 1997 (MS Code 41-90). This legislation requires all birthing hospitals in Mississippi to participate in universal newborn screening for hearing loss. Results of these screenings must be reported to the EHDI-MS for follow-up and support.

The law was amended in 2001 to ensure the results of diagnostic evaluations for babies who referred on their final hearing screening were also reported to the EHDI-MS for follow-up and support. The legislation further established an EHDI Advisory Committee (EHDI-AC) of stakeholders across the state, including leaders of other MSDH programs, health care providers, early intervention providers, and families, to advise and assist the MSDH about the EHDI-MS and to provide an annual report to the State Interagency Coordinating Council for Early Intervention their recommendations for serving infants and toddlers with hearing loss and their families.

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