PrEP: Effective HIV Prevention

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Mississippi is battling large numbers of people living with HIV and high rates of new HIV diagnoses. A new approach to HIV prevention – PrEP – can help keep reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

PrEP Can Protect You from HIV

If you are healthy and sexually active, PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) medication can give you highly effective protection against HIV. It's the first new approach to HIV prevention in years.

Combined with healthy sexual practices, PrEP can make a difference in the lives of those at high risk for HIV transmission.

PrEP medication can be ordered by a medical doctor or practitioner and may be covered by your health insurance.

Call the MSDH Crossroads Clinic for an appointment to see whether PrEP is the right prevention for you: 601-432-3237

First, Know Your HIV Status

Choosing the right way to stay healthy depends on knowing your HIV status so that you can take steps to treat or prevent the disease.

HIV is treatable, but early diagnosis is the key. Private, confidential testing for HIV and other STDs is available at county health departments. Find a location near you

Sexually active individuals should be tested for HIV and STDs at least every six months.

It is vitally important that you be tested regularly for HIV if you’re sexually active. HIV is completely preventable. By protecting yourself and helping share the importance of protection with others, we can bring the risk of HIV down for everyone.

We also encourage sexually active individuals to:

  • be faithful to your partner
  • use condoms correctly and consistently
  • talk with a physician about your sexual behavior and its possible health impact

Talk to a Healthcare provider About PrEP for You

If your HIV status is negative (testing shows you are not infected with HIV), talk to a doctor, nurse or other healthcare provider about a getting a prescription for PrEP. Check our Providers List for those in Mississippi who prescribe PrEP.

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