Q&A: Ambulance Licensing

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Do Emergency Medical Services Personnel have to carry BEMS issued certification while on duty with an Emergency Medical Service?

No. This regulation was modified in 2013. It is now the responsibility of the Licensed EMS Service to ensure all personnel are currently certified when working. An EMS Service License and permit can be suspended or revoked if one the of the following occur:

  1. Lack of state-certified EMT or Paramedic attending patient.
  2. Lack of driver with valid driver's license and state EMS driver certification operating vehicle.

How many times a year does BEMS inspect Ambulance Services?

To ensure compliance with the law, inspection will be made not less than two (2) times each year licensed and in most cases four (4) times, or when deemed necessary by BEMS staff.

Does the ambulance permit have to be posted inside the ambulance?

Failure to carry the BEMS issued permit card on Emergency Medical Service vehicles are grounds for suspension or revocation of the vehicle permit. A paper permit shall be posted on the inside rear window until such time as a BEMS representative can re-inspect the vehicle and place a decal showing permitted status.

Should an employee of the Emergency Medical Service be present during an inspection of an ambulance or invalid vehicle?

Regulations of the State Board of Health state that during the inspection of an emergency or invalid vehicle the owner or an employee of the particular ambulance service must be present during the inspection and where necessary be subject to demonstrating certain equipment items.

Should medical supplies that are to be inserted into patient's nose or mouth be individually wrapped?

BEMS regulation for sanitation states that implements inserted into the patient's nose or mouth shall be single service, wrapped, and properly stored and handled. When multi-use items are used the local health care facilities should be consulted for instructions in sanitation and handling of such items.

Do Emergency Medical Service providers have to report accidents involving permitted ambulances?

Ambulance services are to submit Mississippi Uniform Accident Reports involving Emergency Medical permitted vehicles with license renewals. Any accident involving a fatality should be reported immediately to the Bureau of EMS at 601.576.7380.

Is it required to have AMBULANCE (reverse) decal on the hood of the ambulance?

If the construction and design of an ambulance prohibits the placement of the AMBULANCE (reverse) decal on the front hood, it shall be an acceptable exemption.

Does BEMS require that the ambulance stretcher have three straps attached to the stretcher?

Yes, three (3) strap type restraining devices (chest, hip, knee and shoulder) attached to stretcher. Straps shall not be less than two inches wide, nylon and consist of quick release buckles.

How soon does an ambulance service license expire?

The State Board of Health shall issue a license which shall be valid for a period of one (1) year when it determines that all the requirements set by BEMS have been met.

How soon does an ambulance permit expire?

Ambulance permits expire concurrently with the service license.

What is the cost for an Ambulance Service to be licensed in Mississippi?

At present EMS cost for Ambulance Services licenses are $560.00 and $280.00 for each permitted vehicle.

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