Questions and Answers: Dental Services and Dental Care

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  • What is fluoride?
    Fluoride is a naturally-occurring element in water that deters bacterial growth and improves the structure of tooth enamel to make it more resistant to decay, especially in young children.
  • Why should my water be fluoridated?
    The amount of natural fluoride in water varies widely from community to community. Some water needs no additional fluoridation to be effective against tooth decay. In areas with low or no fluoride concentrations, extra fluoridation helps give the water the same benefit of cavity prevention that other areas enjoy.
  • What if my water system does not have a water fluoridation program?
    Ask your child's physician or dentist about receiving supplements for children through 8 years of age.
  • What is a dental sealant?
    A dental sealant is a plastic material that is applied to the chewing surface of the back teeth. The sealant offers a mechanical barrier between the tooth enamel and germs that cause tooth decay. Placing sealants is painless and simple, and requires no drilling.


  • How can I locate a dentist that accepts Medicaid?
    The Mississippi Division of Medicaid has a provider locator on their web site. Select a provider type of "Dentist" and specify the county you live in to find providers near you.
  • Am I eligible for Medicaid?
    Find out by contacting the state's Medicaid Division at (601) 359-6050, or
    View Medicaid Eligibility Guidelines

Dentists and Dental Care

  • How can I find a dentist in my area?

    The Mississippi State Board of Dental Examiners' web site lets you look up licensed dentists by city, county, or specialty.
    Find a licensed dentist

  • How can I get low-cost dental care in Mississippi?

    Donated Dental Services

    The Mississippi Dental Association's Donated Dental Services (DDS) Program provides free, comprehensive dental care for elderly, disabled, and ill adults through volunteer dental providers. Contact the MS Program Coordinator at 601-932-2200 for information, or download an application:
    Donated Dental Service application

    Mission First

    Mission First, Inc. is a non-profit ministry that supports the Medical and Dental Clinic at the West Park Community Ministry Center. The clinic is at 275 Rose Neath St. in Jackson. Contact the Dental Program at 601-608-0050 for eligibility information, or read about them on-line.
    Visit the Mission First website

    Community Health Centers

    Community Health Centers (CHCs) are not-for-profit clinics that offer dental services to all community residents, regardless of income or insurance. CHCs charge a reduced fee based on a person's income and family size.
    List of Community Health Centers in Mississippi

    You can also contact the Mississippi Primary Health Care Association at 601-981-1817

    UMC School of Dentistry

    The School of Dentistry at University of Mississippi Medical Center provides low-cost dental treatment through several programs. Contact the School of Dentistry at 601-984-6080.

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