Protect Your Child and Yourself with Immunizations

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Childhood vaccinations protect your child and those around them.

Unvaccinated children don't put just themselves at risk. They endanger all children they come into contact with. Even parents of unvaccinated children can carry disease to the rest of the community. Vaccination is a protection you owe your child and others.

Vaccinations are safe, effective, and save lives

Childhood immunizations have proved themselves over the years as safe and effective disease preventatives. They protect you and your child from illness now, and from possible complications in the future. They can even save your child's life, especially if your child is very young or otherwise at risk.

Vaccination protects children against 14 serious diseases before they turn two years old. They're the healthiest start in life for your child.

Get your child vaccinated — it's easy

You can have your child vaccinated at your doctor, or at any one of our county health clinics. Start their vaccinations and keep with the recommended schedule to ensure their protection.

The U.S. recorded a 50-year high number of pertussis (whooping cough) cases in 2012. Tdap boosters for 7th-graders keep them healthy, and prevent transmission of pertussis to infants.

Not Just for Kids

Immunization isn't just for kids. There are important vaccinations to protect you at every stage of life.

Seventh-graders need a Tdap booster to help protect the community from rising rates of pertussis (whooping cough).

Adolescents have increased risk of meningococcal disease and HPV infection.

College students should be protected against hepatitis A and B and meningococcal disease before entering the campus setting.

Adults need periodic booster shots, and immunization against diseases such as hepatitis. Find out more

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Where to get vaccinations

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