Comprehensive Cancer Control

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Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Mississippi, accounting for about one in every five deaths.

On average, each year, about 16,000 new cases are reported and 6,500 people die of cancer in Mississippi.

Most Cancers Are Preventable

  • 60% of all cancers are preventable. About one-third of cancer deaths are linked to lifestyle factors that you can control: diet, physical activity, and weight.
  • Medical checkups can make a difference. Regular screening exams can result in early detection and treatment of cancers of the breast, colon, rectum, cervix, prostate, testes, oral cavity and skin.
  • Everyone is at risk of developing cancer, but especially older adults. Over three quarters of all cancers are diagnosed at age 55 and older.

Lifestyle-Related Cancers

Reports from the Mississippi Cancer Registry on cancers related to obesity, physical activity, alcohol, tobacco and HPV.

What You Can Do

  • Stay physically active to maintain your fitness and prevent obesity. Extra weight can increase your risk of colon and breast cancers. Keeping to a healthy weight means keeping cancer away.
  • Eat a diet high in vegetables and fruit. A diet low in red meat and high in vegetables and fruit reduces the risk of a broad range of cancers. Colored fruits and vegetables, and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, may be especially helpful. Changing what's on your plate is the simplest step you can take against cancer.
  • Don't smoke. Don't start, and if you do smoke or chew tobacco, stop. Quitting tobacco can have a profound effect on your cancer risk. Quitting is hard, but getting help can double your chances of success. Help is free with the Mississippi Tobacco Quitline.
  • Get screened for cancer regularly. Screening can be simple and effective for detecting common cancers early – ask your doctor.

You could qualify for free breast and cervical cancer screenings.

Our Breast and Cervical Cancer program makes free screenings available for under-insured older women. Details

What We're Doing

Comprehensive Cancer Control

The fight against cancer will not be won without a comprehensive approach to coordinate the many cancer control and prevention efforts on the state. MSDH is building a comprehensive, statewide cancer control plan like that in other states. Its goal is to have communities pool resources to encourage healthy lifestyles, promote cancer screenings, and improve cancer care.

Become a Partner

The Mississippi Partnership for Comprehensive Cancer Control (MP3C) is a group of individuals and organizations working together to create a statewide cancer plan and make a difference in the lives of Mississippians. Over 100 members have joined and participate in a coalition of workgroups to create and implement the state comprehensive cancer control plan. You are cordially invited to participate in one of five workgroups that carry this work forward.


Programs and Planning


Catherine Young
Director, MSDH Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

Phone: 601-206-1559

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