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Requesting Data and Public Records from MSDH


The Mississippi State Department of Health serves as a major resource for a wide range of public health data and information, including disease surveillance, vital records, health behaviors and environmental/water quality measurements.

Public Records Requests

Public records relate to execution of the Mississippi State Department of Health's work and public duties. The Mississippi State Department of Health seeks to offer full and responsible access to records not exempt from disclosure. Note that many types of data can be found on our website and do not require a public records request, including statistical reports and data, policies and regulations, and informational publications and materials.

Data Requests

Data requests are for those seeking data which may include confidential information or information protected by federal HIPAA laws. In these cases, if your purpose for the data allows for release, we may require an agreement from you specifying your responsibilities in the use of this data.

Vital Records, Medical Records and Immunization Records

Vital records such as birth and death certificates are not public records, nor can they be provided through data requests. Vital records may be provided to the person that is the subject of a record or to family members or legal representatives under appropriate circumstances.

Personal medical records from visits to our county clinics must be obtained through our Epic service: call 601-576-7267.

Immunization records are kept for most Mississippians who received their vaccinations from a medical provider in the state. You can request them from your local county health department, online, or by calling our Immunizations Office.

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