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Tuberculosis Co-Infections: Conditions That Increase Risk


Smoking, immunosuppressive medications, such as the popular TNF inhibitors, and chronic diseases such as diabetes and HIV infection increase the chances that tuberculosis (TB) infection will progress to TB disease.

TB is an under-recognized risk in the presence of these conditions. Patients and healthcare providers need to be aware of these increased risks. Taking the appropriate TB therapy and knowing the signs and symptoms of TB disease are necessary for health protection.

TB and Other Conditions

Get Tested

A TB blood test (IGRA) can detect tuberculosis infection while it is still easily treatable, and before it takes a further toll on your health. You can be tested by your healthcare provider, or by visiting a county health department. Knowing your TB status is essential if you have a chronic disease, smoke, or take an immunosuppressive medication.

Early detection and treatment is essential to recovering from tuberculosis and living a better life.

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