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Oral Health Training Programs


Cavity-Free Kids: Educational Training for Child Care

Cavity Free Kids is a free train-the-trainer oral health curriculum that provides education about dental cavities and how they can be prevented.

This curriculum was developed for child care directors and staff who work closely with parents and children. Those who participate will acquire knowledge, skills, and resources to educate families and children. Hands-on training includes exercises that are fun and easy for parents and children to understand.

This training is free. Child care staff will receive two contact hours for attending. For more information contact the Office of Oral Health at (601) 576-7500.

Schedule and Registration

Upcoming training events are regularly scheduled around Mississippi. Please register in advance for a training event near you.

Cavity-Free in Mississippi: Oral Evaluation and Fluoride Varnish

Cavity-Free in Mississippi trains Medicaid-accepting medical providers to do oral evaluations and applications of fluoride varnish for children up to 3 years old who have no access to dental providers..

Medical providers will receive training on how to perform an oral health evaluation, benefits and application of fluoride varnish and caregiver education on good oral hygiene practices. Medical providers will also receive training on billing/coding for services rendered and supplies and materials needed in order to screen and apply fluoride varnish.

Information and Application

For more information, contact your MSDH Regional Oral Health Consultant, or the MSDH Office of Oral Health.

Mississippi State Department of Health
Office of Oral Health
715 Pear Orchard Rd., Plaza 1, Suite 104
Ridgeland, MS 39157
Phone: (601) 206-1590

Cultural Competence Training

Cultural competence training gives participants the tools needed to help effectively interact with people of different cultures in a way that is respectful, responsible, and sensitive to their linguistic needs. The standards target health care professionals; however, they can easily be adapted to fit other service areas. Cultural competence training covers three key areas: attitudes, knowledge, and skills. The goals of this training are to:

The Regional Oral Health Consultants (ROHCs) and staff of the Mississippi State Department of Health Office of Oral Health are licensed trainers in cultural competency in the state of Mississippi. Trainers have undergone extensive training that has equipped them to understand the concept of culture and how it is reflected in beliefs, values, and behaviors of various groups. They are all well-versed in educational methods and demonstrate strong teaching skills valuable in a wide-range of training environments and levels.

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