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Men, your health matters to you and to your family. The steps to lifelong good health are simple, starting with choosing a doctor for regular checkups.

Men visit a doctor half as often as women do.

Those regular checkups are important. They let you understand your current health, stay on track for feeling your best, and detect problems early — when they can be corrected more quickly and easily.

Men live five years less on average than women.

It's simple: taking care of yourself means living longer, more years with your family, and more years of feeling your best.

The basic steps of healthy living are simple.

The Deadliest 5: Top causes of death in men

All of these conditions are preventable when you take the right steps for your health.

Heart disease


Lung Diseases



Free Health Resources for Men

MSDH programs with free health resources

Need to Know


For more information about programs for men's health, our Maternal and Child Health programs, or the MCH Block Grant, call

Your input is important. We want to hear from you about maternal and child health needs, the MCH Block Grant, and programs in Mississippi. Take a moment to share your comments, ideas and concerns with us.

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