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The Mississippi State Department of Health's Division of Dental Services is responsible for the prevention and control of oral diseases through assessment, policy and program development, and assurance. Our programs address children, adults, families and communities through public health clinics, schools, and approved dental health providers.

Your Oral Health

Programs & Services

Fluoride Programs

Fluoride treatment is a proven way to prevent tooth decay and help maintain healthy teeth. Fluoride is safe and cost-effective when added to community water systems that may require it, and fluoride treatment provides early, long-lasting prevention for children against oral and dental disease.
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Dental Sealants Program

Mississippi Seals provides preventive dental services in schools throughout the state. Dental screenings, dental sealants, and fluoride varnish applications are provided on-site in schools by dental professionals in the community.
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DAT Reimbursement Program

This program assists dental students with the fees for the Dental Admission Test (DAT).
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Make a Child's Smile

This preventive dental program provides for dental screenings and protective fluoride varnish for children enrolled in Head Start.
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Regional Oral Health Consultants (ROHCs)

Our staff takes oral health to schools, health fairs, and anywhere it's needed most.

The MSDH Regional Oral Health Consultants (ROHCs) strive to improve the oral health of all Mississippians by assisting county health departments to deliver age-appropriate oral health anticipatory guidance and preventive oral health services in each public health district. ROHCs are Registered Dental Hygienists that promote information sharing between health professionals and community stakeholders to educate the public about the importance of good oral health and to reduce the burden of oral disease.
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Documents and Reports

National Oral Health Data

Dental Organizations

Children's Oral Health

Oral Health Publications

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For more information about our programs and services, call 601-206-1590.

You can also write to:

Mississippi State Department of Health
Office of Oral Health
P.O. Box 1700
Jackson, MS, 39215-1700

For more information about Maternal and Child Health Programs and the MCH Block Grant, call 1-800-721-7222.

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