2022 Mississippi Hospital Laboratory Biosafety Champions

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The 2022 Biosafety Preparedness Exercise evaluated risk assessments prepared by Mississippi hospital and veterinary laboratories using an assessment tool provided by the Mississippi Risk Assessment Work Group.

On April 8, 2022, the Mississippi Public Health Laboratory announced the 2022 Biosafety Preparedness Exercise for Mississippi hospital and veterinary laboratories. For the 2022 exercise, laboratories were asked to submit a Biosafety Risk Assessment focusing on any test or platform that the facility had employed during July 2021 through April 2022. The completed risk assessments were submitted to Barbara Metcalfe, MPHL’s Safety Coordinator.

The Mississippi Public Health Laboratory wishes to thank the laboratories who participated in the 2022 Biosafety Preparedness Exercise. Congratulations to our Mississippi Biosafety Champion Laboratories!

Facilities participating in the 2022 biosafety exercise include:

  • Anderson Regional Medical Center
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital - Calhoun City
  • Choctaw Regional Medical Center
  • Covington County Hospital
  • Franklin County Memorial Hospital
  • Lackey Memorial Hospital
  • Magee General Hospital
  • Memorial Hospital Gulfport
  • Methodist Olive Branch Hospital
  • Mississippi Veterinary Research and Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine
  • North Mississippi Medical Center-Tupelo
  • Simpson General Hospital
  • South Central Regional Medical Center
  • Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center

These exercises assessed each facility's ability and dedication to safely handle unknown, highly infectious agents in its laboratory for a potential real-world outbreak. Each Biosafety Champion has helped strengthen our state's biosafety and biosecurity practices to ensure that we are prepared to evaluate the risk of any unknown biothreat.

The MSDH wishes to thank the laboratories who participated in the Mississippi 2022 Biosafety Preparedness Exercise and commend our Biosafety Champion laboratories.

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