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Summer Health and Safety


Summer brings with it new places, new activities — and new risks. Here are our tips for a healthy and safe summer.



Mississippi is about heat and mosquitoes in summer. Sunburn, heat stroke, dehydration and skin damage can strike quickly, and be especially dangerous for older adults. Everyone is at risk from West Nile virus and similar mosquito-borne illnesses — make sure that this summer you Fight the Bite.

At the Beach and in the Water

Lakes, pool and beaches are the focal points of summer fun, but they carry serious risks; 46 Mississippians drowned in 2008, including more than a dozen children. Salt water carries its own risks: Vibrio bacteria – in food or seawater – flourish in summer months, and bring the risk of serious illness.

Seafood and Summer Food

Hot weather and safe food don't mix; Mississippi has most of its food-borne illness outbreaks, including Salmonella, in the summer. If your plans include seafood, Vibrio bacteria make food safety especially important.

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