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Requirements for certification as an EMS Driver (training obtained in Mississippi)

Requirements for certification as an EMS Driver (training obtained in another state)

Note: The BEMS maintains the right to refuse reciprocity to any EMS Driver if the submitted curriculum does not meet the requirements of this section.

Temporary EMS Driver Certification

BEMS may issue temporary EMS driver certification not to exceed 90 days. Temporary certification will be issued only upon receipt of a written request from an owner/manager of a licensed ambulance provider. Licensed ambulance providers may utilize personnel awaiting temporary EMS driver certification provided that such providers notify BEMS prior to employment.

A temporary EMS Driver certification will not be granted to an individual who has previously been issued a Mississippi BEMS EMS Driver certification.

EMS – Driver Certification

All applications for EMS Driver certification or re-certification shall be made with approved forms.

All applications for EMS Driver certification or re-certification must include:

The Bureau of EMS will conduct a review of the applicant's driver's license history. The EMS Driver certification will expire concurrently with the applicant's State Driver's License.

Mississippi Code and Emergency Vehicles

In Mississippi, emergency vehicles are permitted to use emergency vehicle lighting and audible warning devices. According to Mississippi Code Ann 63-3-103(d), and emergency vehicle is defined "every vehicle of the fire department (fire patrol), every police vehicle, every 911 Emergency Communications District vehicle, every such ambulance and special use EMS vehicle as defined in Section 41-59-3, every Mississippi Emergency Management Agency vehicle as is designated or authorized by the Executive Director of MEMA and every emergency vehicle of municipal departments or public service corporations as is designated or authorized by the commission or the chief of police of an incorporated city."

Ambulances permitted in Mississippi must meet current U.S. General Services Administration Federal Specification for the Star-of-Life Ambulance guidelines

Rules of the Road

When operating an emergency vehicle in Mississippi, EMS Drivers must adhere to all applicable Mississippi Laws. A few related rules are listed below.

The complete Mississippi Code can be found here: http://www.lexisnexis.com/hottopics/mscode/

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