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The Division of Health Facilities Licensure and Certification is the Mississippi regulatory agency responsible for licensing hospitals, nursing homes, personal care homes, home health agencies, ambulatory surgical facilities, birthing centers, abortion facilities, hospices, psychiatric residential treatment facilities, prescribed pediatric extended care facilities, and pediatric skilled nursing facilities.

This division is also responsible for certifying health care facilities for participation in Medicare and Medicaid programs. Since the division requires health facilities to be in compliance with state and federal standards, the level of care delivered is continually reviewed and upgraded so that patients and residents can be better protected from abuse and neglect.

Surveillance: Routine surveys are conducted in all health facilities. Follow-up visits are made for any cited deficiencies in order to verify that needed corrective action has been made. Staff surveyors also monitor complaints and provide appropriate corrective action guidance. Health Facilities services include on-site visits, state agency guidance letters, and annual educational seminars conducted statewide. Staff also collect, evaluate, and report facility utilization statistics. Directories describing facilities and their provided services are prepared and distributed.

Fire Safety: Our Fire Safety staff of architecture and fire safety experts reviews architectural plans for new construction and renovation of all health care facilities in Mississippi to ensure that the physical plants comply with federal, state and local laws and ordinances. They also provide plan consultation and regulations training as needed.

Laboratories: Under the Clinical Laboratories Improvement Act of 1988, inspections are completed to certify the state's laboratories, with more than 2,000 laboratories now regulated.

Division activities are supported by federal funds from a contract with the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, through an interagency agreement with the MS Division of Medicaid, and by state licensing fees received.


Health Facilities Licensure: (601) 364-1100
Child Care Licensure: (601) 364-2827

143B Lefleur's Square
Jackson, MS

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