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About the Child Care Licensure Bureau


Licensing and Inspection

The Child Care Facilities Licensure Bureau and its staff:

Inspections include, but are not limited to, a program review consisting of the care-giver's records check, children's records checks, immunization records checks, facility policies, facility program content, and building and grounds safety.


Staff provides in-service training to child care providers throughout the state on a regular basis. In addition to the mandatory trainings, which include Child Care Regulations and Licensing, Playground Safety, and Directors' Orientation, sessions are available which address child abuse and child neglect identification and reporting, appropriate discipline and guidance, nutrition and menu planning, hand-washing and sanitation, physical activity in child care facilities, and classes specifically related to the development of infants and toddlers. The agency offers all staff development training to providers at no cost.


Child Care Licensure Bureau: (601) 364-2827


143B Lefleur's Square
Jackson, MS

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