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COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Doses and Third Doses


Additional COVID-19 vaccine doses can improve protection against COVID-19 for older adults, those with certain medical conditions, and other groups at higher risk.

Booster Vaccinations

Adults 18 and over and children 12-17 years old may be eligible for COVID-19 vaccine booster doses.

Boosters are especially recommended for those who are 65 or older, or with ongoing medical problems.

First Booster

Pfizer and Moderna

You are eligible for a first booster dose if it has been at least five months since your second vaccination of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, and meet the age requirements below:

Johnson & Johnson

If you were vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine at least two months ago and you are 18 or older, you are eligible for a first booster dose of any authorized vaccine.

Second booster

You are eligible for a second booster dose if it has been at least four months since your first booster dose of any authorized vaccine, and meet the requirements below:

If You have a Weakened Immune System

If you have a weakened your immune system, you can be eligible for third or booster doses sooner. See our vaccination scheduler for details.

Getting a Booster Dose

Schedule a booster dose

Third Vaccine Doses

A third dose of COVID-19 vaccine can provide added protection if you have a medical condition that affects your immune system and you are at high risk for developing more serious illness from COVID-19.

Third vaccine doses are available only for those who received Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, and whose last shot was at least 4 weeks ago.

Qualifying Conditions

You qualify for a third dose of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine if you:

Getting a Third Dose

You can schedule an additional vaccination dose at a county health department or through your doctor or regular health care provider.

Schedule a third dose appointment

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