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Vaccination Against COVID-19


COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters are available at no cost from county health departments, local pharmacies and healthcare providers across the state.

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For vaccination providers


MSDH's Adopt-a-School program connects COVID-19 vaccination providers with schools and school systems to lower the barrier to vaccinations for those 12 and older.

Free Vaccinations from MSDH

MSDH provides free vaccinations at county health departments and special community locations for anyone 5 years of age or older. (A parent or guardian must accompany minors to their vaccination.). Call the Mississippi COVID-19 Hotline at (877) 978-6453 for appointment assistance. No documentation or identification is required.

Please schedule a vaccination ahead of time at county health departments.

When you arrive, expect vaccination and related paperwork to take about 10 minutes. We also have a 15-minute observation period after vaccination.

Schedule an appointment

Your second dose: After your first-dose vaccination, you'll receive instructions by e-mail about arranging for your second dose. More about second dose vaccinations »

Local Vaccination Providers

Many hospitals, private healthcare providers and pharmacies have also received COVID-19 vaccine. Contact a provider directly to find out about cost and the availability of appointments.

COVID-19 Centers of Excellence

The Mississippi State Department of Health has designated selected health systems as COVID-19 Centers of Excellence for their commitment to vaccination, treatment and equitable access.

Host a Local Vaccination Event

MSDH will assist organizations, cities, groups or individuals interested in holding a COVID-19 vaccination event in their community, particularly in rural or minority communities with less access to COVID-19 vaccinations. Call the Mississippi COVID-19 Hotline at 877-978-6453 for more details, or e-mail VaccineEvent@msdh.ms.gov

Vaccination Records

MSDH does not provide replacement vaccination cards, but our MyIR online service lets you view your immunization records, including records of COVID-19 vaccinations, and print them if needed. To get started, register with MyIR. Mississippi Certificates of COVID-19 Vaccination are also available through MyIR.

If you find errors in your vaccination record, or have difficulty locating your records, contact the MSDH Immunization Office: 601-576-7751.

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