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If you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, or if you may be ill with COVID-19, you must quarantine or isolate yourself.

Quarantine and isolation are important disease control steps to limit the spread of COVID-19.


Isolation keeps someone who tested positive for COVID-19 away from others.

You don't have to have symptoms to be isolated. Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 should isolate themselves at home, away from others you may live with.

As soon as you learn that you have COVID-19, stay home until:

If you tested positive for COVID-19 but do not have symptoms:

Do not go to work or into public until your isolation period ends. Remaining at home is important to prevent transmitting infection to others.

Isolation includes staying away from others in your home.

If you live with others, stay in a specific room or area reserved just for you. Stay away from other people or animals, including pets. Use a separate bathroom if available.

You do not need a negative test to end your isolation

After 10 days have passed since your positive test, or since the start of your symptoms, and you are fever-free with reduction in other symptoms, you may return to work and to other activities outside your home.


Quarantine keeps you away from others if you may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Close contact with someone who has COVID-19 indicates the need for quarantine at home. If you are a household member of someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, you must also quarantine at home.

If you have had close contact with someone who has COVID-19:

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