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Move Your Way: Finding Physical Activity That Works for You


Get more active and start feeling better — for the rest of your life.

Why get moving?

Physical activity for just half an hour a day can:

How much do you need? You choose!

Move your way: in a few 10-minute sessions a day, half an hour daily, or a 2½ hour weekly workout. Everything you do adds up.

Plus: At least twice a week, choose an activity that helps strengthen your muscles.

Get the same great benefits in half the time with a vigorous-intensity workout.

What Can I Do?

Anything that gets you moving!

  • Everyday activities: Yardwork, cleaning, walking the dog
  • Fun and games: Outdoor activities that get you moving
  • Recreations: Dancing, walking, yoga, tai-chi
  • Active hobbies: Running, bicycling, swimming, hiking ... you name it!
  • Start with walking: Walking is one of the simplest ways to get moving to better health. Tips for getting started

Move at Work!

Try these ideas to put more walking into your work day.

  • Take the stairs rather than an elevator or escalator.
  • Park farther away from work or stores and walk.
  • Walk to a lunch spot instead of driving.
  • Get co-workers to commit to walking with you every day.
  • Make a reminder to walk even a little each morning and afternoon.

Look for opportunities in the things you do every day, or start a simple daily exercise routine indoors or outdoors. Brisk, steady activity is all you need to do good for your body.

Busy? Check out these tips to put more movement in your day.

How hard do I have to work?

Your breathing will tell you!

Plan Your Active Day

Activity planner from Health.gov

Moving is for everyone!

Fact sheets to print and keep.


Find out more

Don't forget: Kids need exercise, too

When kids build a habit of being active every day, they benefit for life.

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