Mississippi State Department of Health

The purpose of the Mississippi State Department of Health Division of Food Protection regulatory program is to protect public health by ensuring that foods produced in Mississippi are prepared in a sanitary environment.

Facility types

The MSDH Division of Food Protection's Manufactured Food inspectors conduct inspections of food manufacturing facilities and warehouse distribution facilities in the State of Mississippi. These facilities include food processors, food repackers, and food vending companies, food warehouses, processing plants, ice plants and seafood processors. (Facilities that process meat and poultry products are regulated by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce and the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service.)


MSDH Manufactured Food inspectors conduct a comprehensive review of sanitation practices, product labels, recall plans and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points plans. Food and water samples may also be collected during inspections. All Manufactured Food inspectors who inspect specialized processing operations must complete advanced training in that area prior to conducting independent inspections.

Steps to take before your food manufacturing business can become operational.


Submitting required information, schedule of fees, and making payments.



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