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The number of inspections a manufactured food facility receives yearly is based on the risk level of the facility. The more likely that a food-borne illness could occur, the higher the risk level of a food facility. MSDH Division of Food Protection has four risk levels, one (1) being the lowest and four (4) being the highest.

MSDH may conduct an inspection of your facility as a routine scheduled inspection, a complaint, food recall, or food-borne illness investigation.

Conducting inspections

The inspector will present MSDH identification upon arriving at your facility.

A knowledgeable person in your facility, such as the owner or plant manager, preferably designated ahead of time, should accompany the inspector at all times during the inspection.

The inspector will examine:

The inspector may collect records and samples during the inspection.

Findings and corrective actions

At the conclusion of the inspection, the inspector will discuss with the facility’s management or person in charge any findings. The inspector issues a written report of observations and any observations requiring corrective action(s) are documented on the MSDH Form 301.

MSDH Form 301 can be used as a guide for corrective action(s):

Documents and Records to Have Available

  • Sanitation records
  • Proof of current registry under the Bioterrorism Act of 2011
  • Recall plan
  • Consumer complaint file
  • Pest control documents
  • Employee health/training files
  • Distribution list

Also, if applicable:

  • HACCP Plan
  • Certifications for specialized processes
  • Scheduled process
  • Production records (e.g. temperature logs, pH logs, thermometer calibration logs, etc.)
  • Finished product labels
  • Ingredient labels

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