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Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids
Raising healthy kids is easy when the whole family gets involved


Healthy eating and physical activity don't become habits overnight. It takes time and effort to make them part of a daily routine. This guide tells you where to start and what you can do at home to help your children ages 4 - 12 to keep a healthy weight.

Family Involvement

Research shows children are often more willing to eat healthy foods and be active if they see their parents and other family members doing these things first. When the whole family participates, everyone benefits.

Keep it a family affair by:

Set Goals

When you make changes step-by-step and set realistic goals, you are more likely to succeed in changing your eating habits over the long run.

Goal-Setting Tips

Family Mealtime

Make the most of family mealtime

Make sure your child eats a balanced, healthy diet

Get Active

Kids are more likely to want to be active when other family members are active too. Find ways to build physical activity step-by-step into your family routine. Here are some tips on getting family members together for physical activities:

Find Out More

For more information on eating right for a better life, visit the Nutrition section of our website.

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