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STEMI System of Care


The goal of the ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) System of Care is to reduce mortality and morbidity resulting from cardiac disease and injury.

Mississippi leads the nation in mortality and morbidity from cardiovascular disease (CVD):

The Mississippi STEMI System of Care is a collaborative effort between the Mississippi State Department of Health, the Mississippi Healthcare Alliance, the American Heart Association Mission: Lifeline, and the Mississippi Hospital Association.

Clinical Requirements

STEMI Receiving Centers

STEMI Referral Centers

STEMI Treatment Protocols

STEMI Regions

The Mississippi STEMI System of Care is made up of three regions: North, Central, and South.

Advisory Committee and Performance Improvement

The purpose of the STEMI System Advisory Committee (SSAC) is to provide guidance and technical advice in the implementation and execution of the state STEMI Plan. Meetings are held quarterly or as called by the chair.

Performance Improvement is a vital part of the STEMI System of Care. It is used to document continuing proper function of the system and evaluation of that function to implement improvements in system operation and STEMI patient management. In a STEMI system, patients have virtually no time to make specific choices regarding acute and critical medical care.

STEMI Centers submit data on STEMI patients into the STEMI registry for use in performance improvement processes.

System of Care Plan

Full details and protocols of the STEMI System of Care can be found in the agency's State Health Plan.

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