Mississippi State Department of Health

Mississippi HIV Planning Council (MHPC)


The purpose of the MHPC is to engage stakeholders and experts to improve awareness of the needs, gaps, challenges and barriers affecting Mississippians who live with or are at risk of contracting HIV.

The MHPC is results-oriented and assists and supports MSDH in the development of the Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan. This involves assessing the extent and impact of HIV/AIDS on Mississippi's population and determining the needs for HIV treatment-related services. It ensures that HIV prevention and care resources target priority populations and interventions set forth in the comprehensive plan.

The Council correlates its efforts in HIV prevention community planning with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy which include preventing new HIV infections, increasing access to care, improving health outcomes and reducing HIV-related health disparities.

Mississippi HIV Planning Council (MHPC) membership consists of representatives from state and local and agencies, community based organizations, health care providers, community leaders, and individuals living with, or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Additionally, the Council may advise MSDH about urgent issues as they arise.

The MHPC convenes public health meetings bimonthly on the first Friday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. For meeting locations, contact the MSDH Office of STD/HIV at 601-576-7723.

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