Mississippi State Department of Health

STD-HIV Surveillance Program


The STD/HIV Surveillance Branch systematically collects STD and HIV laboratory data for interpretation to describe and monitor disease trends.

This information is used by other programs to direct appropriate interventions including treatment, testing and education to at-risk groups identified through the surveillance activities.

Disease Intervention

The Mississippi State Department of Health employs Disease Intervention Specialists (DISs) who provide client services for STDs and HIV. DIS activities are intended to intervene in the spread of disease through follow-up of individuals infected or exposed to STDs or HIV so that timely testing and treatment may be provided. Disease Intervention Specialists may also assist newly STD- and HIV-infected individuals with informing their sexual partners of the need to seek counseling, testing, treatment and related prevention services.


Confidential and private testing for HIV and other STDs controls and prevents the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Expanded HIV Testing

The goal of this program is to increase rapid HIV testing among those who are at high risk for HIV, who do not know their HIV status, and who frequent non-traditional health facilities for their regular health care needs. MSDH provides rapid HIV testing in cooperation with community health centers, colleges and universities, alcohol and drug centers, and community-based organizations.



Health providers and laboratories are required by law to report cases of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV Infection in Mississippi. For more information, see our Rules and Regulations Governing Reportable Diseases and Conditions.

To report a newly positive STD/HIV case, call the STD reporting hotline at 1-800-556-0003 (Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm) or call the STD/HIV Office at 601-576-7723.

Medical Monitoring Project

The Medical Monitoring Project is a surveillance study implemented by the MS State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to obtain information about patients with HIV/AIDS receiving on-going medical care and the types of services they needed and received. This information will help improve the delivery of programs Mississippi.

Information is gathered from randomly selected clinics with the goal to enroll 400 patients. MSDH is asking HIV primary care providers to share this fact sheet with their patients to encourage participation. Participation includes an interview and a confidential medical record abstraction for each patient.

Data Summaries

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